SINOTRUK Workshop trucks
Lifetime service: provide lifetime technical service.

New SINOTRUK trucks are significant investments and complex pieces of equipment. Our skilled technicians have an average of 15+ years maintenance and repair experience and can work on all major manufacturers equipment.

Our workshop team regularly undertake power equipment repairs, general maintenance, LOLER inspections, and total overhauls.

We also have the facilities, and manufacturing capacity, to offer clients the unique opportunity to purchase custom-built genset and equipment.

SINOTRUK » Pre-sale Service

NEW-machinery® |Jinan Heavy Truck is dedicated to provide you with professional pre-sales technical services, detailed introduction of equipment related parameters, market equipment price forecast, professional technical information consultation.

Promote the operation of later equipment to achieve the best effect, and do a good job in energy conservation and environmental protection.
Our aim is to ensure that the investment of our customers can bring the best benefits.

After sales Service

With professional service teams and exceptional skills, our company focuses on clients and provides whole-life cycle and whole-process service including delivery training, on-site service, generators maintenance, spare-part supply and secondhand disposal, etc.
We also stock an extensive parts inventory from common add-ons to hard-to-find specialty items.

In time
Quick response to technical inquires,solve the inquires in one day;
Strong parts sales network,high parts availability, quick parts recovery process;
Arrive at the field in one day, solve the failure at a time.

Kindly reminder, warm return visit
Parts quality assurance;
Follow up the whole process of service,pay regular visit, provide free spot check service.

NEW-machinery | Sinotruk Jinan Heavy Truck workshop

NEW-machinery |  Sinotruk Jinan Heavy Truck workshop

NEW-machinery |  Sinotruk Jinan Heavy Truck workshop

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