CNHTC - Guarantee period & policy
for new Sinotruk heavy trucks, trailers

1. Guarantee period
1.1 Date of start:
Sea shipping, starting from the very date of the B/L 2 months later?
Land transportation?starting from the very date of customs declaration.

Road truck:
Within 12 months or terminates 60,000 kms, whichever is reached first;

Off road truck & engineering truck:
Within 6 months or terminates 30,000 kms, whichever is reached first;

1.2. Scope of Guarantee:
within the period of Guarantee, CNHTC will guarantee to repair vehicle products manufactured and used by CNHTC and vehicle products for which CNHTC trademarks are

2. permitted to use by CNHTC free of charge, or replace any other parts or repair any other faults that not specifically indicated in Non-Guarantee Terms provided that said parts and faults are damage or occurred due to material defects or defective workmanship.

3.The scope of the non-guarantee terms please see annex 1.
Compulsory service
Vehicles manufactured and used by CNHTC and vehicles for which CNHTC trademarks are permitted to use by CNHTC running for 2000~4000km and within six months will enjoy one compulsory service.
NOTE: Normal wear and tear and maintenance are not covered by Guarantee

Wear and usage takes place over variable time periods, depending on mileage covered, geographical and driving conditions driving behavior etc. These conditions influence to a very great degree the service life of the item in question.

Examples of expendable items:
Oil filters, Bulbs, Brake linings, Fuel filters, Wiper blades, Coolants, Air filters, Clutch plates, Oils, Drive belts for fan, Fuses, Coolant filters, Exhaust systems (Sistema de escape), Alternator etc.
NOTE: Expendable items are not covered by guarantee.

Annex 1
Scope of the non-guarantee terms
1 No guarantee will be provided to vehicles modified, reworked or changed without permission from CNHTC.
1.1 No guarantee will be provided to vehicles ? if it was not made the compulsory service within the vehicles running for 2000~4000kms.
2 No guaranteed service will be provided to faults or damages as a result of the following reasons:
2.1 Customers did not use or upkeep the vehicles as per requirements specified in User's Manual and other documents provided by SINOTRUK.

2.2 Improper use or overload of vehicles. 2.3 Appropriate measures had not been taken when the vehicle had failed, failure was impending, or alarm system of the vehicle had issued failure warning, and faults had been aggravated as the result;
2.4 Lead seals had been broken.
2.5 Use of parts or assemblies unauthorized by SINOTRUK.
2.6 Use of lubricating oil, grease or coolant unspecified by SINOTRUK.
2.7 Vehicles were serviced by units unauthorized by SINOTRUK.
3 The following services or adjustments required by normal wear (consumption) and normal maintenance are not within the scope of guarantee:
3.1 The normal wear (consumption) and normal maintenance are the kinds of wear, damage and maintenance that might occur at any time and influenced by driving mileage, weather, environment, condition of use and driving operation.
3.2 Parts subject to normal wear (consumption) include: oil filter, fuel filter element, air filter element, friction disk of brake shoe, clutch driven disk, fan belt, windscreen wiper, bulb, fuse, lubricating oil, grease, coolant, battery electrolyte, fuel, tire, etc.
3.3 Normal maintenance includes: adjustment and repair of various types of valves, fuel injectors, hydraulic pumps, coolant pipes, fuel pipes, oil pipes and air pipes, and adjustment of power steering and clutch control systems.
For services within the scope of guarantee, SINOTRUK only bears the guarantee parts but not any other losses and any other chargers which the government stipulated.

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