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2010-04-09 Foden 6x6 military dump trucks. Latest arrivals

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Information on this page is no longer relevant

Foden 6x6 military dump truck, excellent condition, ex reserve stock.
Fitted with Roelofs body.
It can haul the following loads:
Excavated materials (soil, mud, clay and
gravels up to 150 mm)
Quarried rock up to 600 mm
Loose construction material
General engineering, cargo

Hrs_Kms 15,800 Km's
Date into Service 2003

Details Foden ALPHA 3000 6x6 RHD dumper

Axle weights:
Axle 1: 9,000 Kg's
Axle 2: 11,500 Kg's
Axle 3: 11,500 Kg's

Length 8.38 Metres
Height 2.5 Metres
Engine Cummins 6 cylinder 380 HP
Width 3.7 Metres
Gearbox Eaton Manual
GVW 31,000 Kg
Brakes Air over Hydraulic
Steering PAS RHD
Steering PAS LHD (option)
Tyres 395/85 R20
Max_Load 20,000 Kg
Electrics 24 volts

As of mid-March 2022 we no longer offer for sale or have anything to do with ex-military vehicles from the UK.

We offer you new China's military and civilian variants from the manufacturer's factory, at special prices with full service and warranty anywhere in the world.

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