May 2020 MOD/ NATO Disposals ..

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May 2020 MOD/ NATO Disposals ..

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Ask us for our best competitive prices today for:

military MAN HX60 18.330 4x4 Trucks (HOT OFFER)

1. NEW MAN 4x4 HX60 18.330 RHD Flat Bed Cargo Trucks 2012 Direct from the military these are the latest current in service cargo vehicles used by the military today These vehicles are unused with delivery miles only 100-300 Kilometres - 8 trucks left
2. MAN HX60 18.330 4x4 Cargo Winch Truck, RHD 2010, 10,000-40,000 Kilometres. Drop side cargo body with canopy, Fitted with a Rotzler HZ051 Hydraulic winch - 10 trucks left
3. MAN 4x4 HX60 18.330 Crane Truck RHD Direct from the military these are the latest current in service crane cargo vehicles used 10,557 Kilometres - 1 truck left
4. MAN 4x4 HX60 18.330 drop side cargo truck with canopy RHD Direct from the military these are the latest current in service crane cargo vehicles used 19,000kms only - 1 truck left

British Army Land Rovers 4x4 for sale

1. Land Rover 130 Defender Wolf RHD Ambulance
2. Land Rover 130 LHD chassis cab
3. Land Rover 130 RHD chassis cab
4. Land Rover Defender 110 300tdi
5. Land Rover Defender 110 300Tdi
6. Land Rover Defender 110 RHD
7. Land Rover Defender 110 RHD Station Wagon
8. Land Rover Defender 110 TDCi Station Wagon
9. Land Rover Defender 130 LHD Double Cab Pickup
10. Land Rover Defender 130 Wolf Gun Bus (shoot vehicle)
11. Land Rover Defender 90 RHD Wolf Soft Top (Remus)
12. Land Rover Defender 90 RHD Wolf Winterized Soft Top (Remus)
13. Land Rover Defender 90 Wolf LHD Hard Top (Remus)
14. Land Rover Defender 90 Wolf LHD Hard Top (Remus)
15. Land Rover Defender 90 Wolf LHD Soft Top (Remus)
16. Land Rover Defender 90 Wolf RHD Hard Top (Remus)
17. Land Rover Defender 90 Wolf RHD Soft Top (Remus)
18. Land Rover Defender Wolf 110 RHD Hard Top (Remus)
19. Land Rover Series III 88inch Lightweight
20. Land Rover Snatch 2A Armoured Defender 110 300TDi

Used Mercedes Benz / Toyota 4x4 for sale

1. Mercedes Benz 250 G Wagon LHD -20 units
2. Mercedes Benz G Wagon 250 Soft Top. -1 unit left
3. Mercedes G Wagon 250 Wolf 5x New Hutchinson Bead lock 16" wheels with BF Goodrich Mud Terrain tyres New black canopy . -1 unit
4. Mercedes GD250 G Wagon 4x4 Box Vehicle. -1 unit
5. Toyota Hilux 2.5 D-4D Active Double Cab Pickup -2 units

British army Armoured cars 4x4 for sale

1. Armoured Mercedes G wagon 500, LHD, armoured to B6 level, 2002 year 136,963 km's, Manufactured in Austria -3 units LEFT
2. Armoured Mercedes G500 - 4x4, 5.0L V8 petrol engine, LHD, armoured to B6 level, 2004 - 2006, from 13,229 to 43,388 miles, top specification
3. Armoured Range Rover vogue LHD V8, B6 level -2 units

Military Mercedes Benz Unimog trucks

1. Mercedes Benz Unimog U1300L 4x4 Ambulance LHD - 20 units
2. Mercedes Benz Unimog U1300L Fuel Truck- 10 units
3. Mercedes Benz Unimog U1300L 4x4 personnel carrier - 10 units
4. Mercedes Benz Unimog U1300L 4x4 Drop Side Cargo Truck - 200 units
5. Mercedes Benz Unimog U1300L 4x4 Shoot Vehicle - 5 units
6. Mercedes Benz Unimog U1300L Cargo with A/c
7. Mercedes Benz Unimog U1300L crane truck
8. Mercedes Benz Unimog U1300L service truck - 50 units
9. Mercedes Benz Unimog U1300L troop carrier / shoot vehicle
10. Mercedes Benz Unimog U1300L Turbo RHD - 50 units
11. Mercedes Benz Unimog U1300L winch truck - 5 units

Ex military Mowag Duro 6x6 - 18 units

1. Mowag Duro II 6x6 LHD fitted with Matrix body
2. Mowag Duro II 6x6 Chassis Cab
3. Mowag Duro II crane trucks - 5 units

Hagglunds Bv 206 ATV

1. Hagglund BV 206 Soft Top Personnel Carrier With Roll Cage
2. Hagglund BV206 ATV Fire Appliance (Fire Chief)
3. Hagglund BV206 Multi-Purpose Vehicle
4. Hagglund Bv206 Personnel Carrier
5. Hagglunds BV206 5 Cyl Diesel Personnel Carrier
6. Hagglunds Bv206 Ambulance
7. Hagglunds Bv206 Ambulance (Soft Top)
8. Hagglunds Bv206 Ambulance / Mobile Theatre Unit
9. Hagglunds Bv206 DROPS Body Unit
10. Hagglunds Bv206 DROPS Body Unit
11. Hagglunds Bv206 Load Carrier
12. Hagglunds Bv206 Load Carrier with MaxiLift PH270 Crane
13. Hagglunds Bv206 Personnel Carrier
14. Hagglunds BV206 Shoot Vehicle
15. Hagglunds Bv206 Soft Top (Cargo)
16. Hagglunds Bv206 Soft Top (Front) & Hard Top (Rear)
17. Hagglunds Bv206 Trailer


1. CASE 721 CXT wheeled loading shove 2.2m3 2001 16 t 1,500 - 2,500 hr's, EX.MOD (with bucket or forks in as is condition)
2. Caterpillar 950 G wheeled loader with new cat quick hitch system and forks, supplied with bucket. EROPS cabin, air conditioning, ride control, auto shift, CE plated, approx 85% tyres. 2002, 14,300 hours Good operating machine
3. Armoured Caterpillar 972G Wheeled Plant loader 37,000 kg, Imac Armoured mine clearance dozer blade 5.5m3, Spare wheel , Rear view Camera , Aircon, Safe Load indicator, excellent, only testing 20-400 hours, 2001, EX.MOD
4. JCB 457 ZX Wheeled Loader, 2014 Year, 9271 Hours, Clean machine in good operating condition

Military ENGINES

1. Reconditioned Bedford 500 Turbo engine, 6V 113kW {151 bhp}, Engine Capacity 8200cc, Cooling method Water Cooled
2. "Rolls Royce K60 multi-fuel V6 engines 240 hp (179 kw) fully reconditioned by Rolls Royce.
3. Reconditioned Leyland L60 multifuel Engines. 750 hp (560 kW) V6, 19 litres as removed from Chieftain Main Battle Tanks
4. Reconditioned H30 Coventry climax engine
5. Perkins 4-108 Diesel Engine Marine/ Type: In-line 4-cylinder diesel, 4 cycle.

Ships and boats

1. Utility ships Flag Cook Islands. The vessel is ready for inspection.
2. Offshore multipurpose Rescue vessel. Excellent condition Flag Cook Islands.
Modernized in Year 2012: The vessel is ready for inspection.

All terrain military cranes

5. Grove 315M 4x4 all terrain 18 ton crane - 15 units
6. Grove AT422EX
7. Grove GMK5130 130 ton crane
8. Grove RT 760 Rough Terrain Crane

Bulldozers , rollers, fraiders

1. Dynapac CC1200 compactor rollers, 2014 2 units
2. JCB Vibromax 132D single drum vibrating Roller
3. Caterpillar 12H grader, 2005 year, 7,500 hours, 20,783 kg, ex government department, 12 ft blade, air conditioing, EROPS cabin, piped for ripper
4. Caterpillar 130G motor grader direct from military reserve stores. 1988 Choice of 5 machines available ex stock all in excellent condition with 200-1,000 Hours only 2 units for sale
1. 5. Caterpillar D6T LGP Dozer this is a genuine machine which has been well maintained in very good condition throughout Air Conditioning 9,700 Hours 2012 Year
5. Caterpillar D7G Dozer Fitted with 3 shank ripper. Enclosed ROPS cab Semi U Blade with hydraulic tilt arrived from military reserve stores. The machine is in excellent condition with only 534 hours, undercarriage 95% remaining -2 units for sale

As of mid-March 2022 we no longer offer for sale or have anything to do with ex-military vehicles from the UK.

We offer you new China's military and civilian variants from the manufacturer's factory, at special prices with full service and warranty anywhere in the world.

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